Sven Jurgens. - Every GT Sport player Stats page now displays a list of all his qualifications times of past Daily Events since the game release. Profil Beiträge anzeigen … Gran Turismo 6 car database is now live on It took me 214 wins on Bluemoon with N300 vs N1000 to get the remaining 1.6 million xp to get to lvl 50. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Next weeks races are shit: Change my mind GTS Discussion ( submitted 11 months ago by ClandestineMovah to r/granturismo. INFORMATION FIA and IOC Announce the "Olympic Virtual Series," and Gran Turismo Sport Will Host the Motor Sports Events! How to get your DR/SR history: Head to the Gran Turismo Sport Community Portal and log in. GT SPORT Community "Gran Turismo Sport" now at a great new price! Races 279 | Finished: 245 (245*) Performances 14,218 (Top 10%) Graph Details. Stat sites such as Kudos Prime and Jason Guernsey pull directly from the GT Sport servers. 7 comments. You guys know DR is a significant part of GT Sport‘s esports focus; you’ll see your own DR score in the top-right corner of many in-game screens, as well as your online profile. Sort by. Click here to see it. Click on a page title to display that page of the manual. They list the player base as somewhere around 8 million. report; 2. Rennabrüche führen wohl zu einem größerem Punktverlust, da heisst es dann die verlorenen Punkte wieder neu zu sammeln. Does anyone know when the 'cut off' time for updating for each 'day' is for kudosprime stats? This thread is archived. By its count, GT Sport has experienced the largest swell in player numbers since the game’s launch back in October 2017 — to the tune of around 50% higher than this point two months ago. 05/13/2021 UPDATE Update Notice (1.65) 05/11/2021 INFORMATION Notice: "Balance of … News Cars Rewards Rankings Tracks Gear Museum/H. I found it very interesting so I wanted to share it. All corrections and suggestions about this website are very welcome: leave me a post here:) Milouse. hide. 2. A gap in % is also calculated, in order to normalize the gap from short and long track. Sport Tracker - Verbindung mit dem Smartphon . r/granturismo: A subreddit dedicated to the Gran Turismo series. 5. - There're now proper menu links to Events and Leaderboards sections. Wins 28 (28*) | Daily: 28 / FIA: 0. Sort by. save. Sport Mode Performances 46,464 Sport Mode Sportmanship 81/99 Sport Mode Races 121 Sport Mode Wins 33 Sport Mode Consecutive Clean Races 3 Sport Mode Pole Position 20 Sport Mode Fastest Laps 29 Campaign School 100 % Campaign Circuit 69 % Campaign Mission 73 % Car(s) 88 Car(s) bought 19 Credits earned 11,537,840 Mi earned 88,130 Xp Level32 | 95% (16669 pts) Distance driven … GT Sport. YRS2703: ↑ So I tried to create a Kudosprime account to better see my stats, but it is showing that I don't play/own GT Sport?? Gran Turismo Sport Product Info. 4. Mar 21, 2020 #2. All corrections and suggestions about this website are very welcome: leave me a post here:) Milouse. GT Sport best gr3 car. report. View Details GT SPORT STATS. 07.03.2018, 11:34 #942. I'm a Brazilian racing driver, but i was born in Japan in 1998. 0 comments. P.S. Online ‘Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event’ Now Available! Speed Score. Post Author: Post published: September 20, 2020; Post Category: Uncategorized; As you own or drive a car in the game (it's up to you), you may want to add/remove it to your garage by clicking on the "Key" icon located on the left of each car entry. Edited March 21 by grimydawg___ 1. 11 comments; share; save; hide. Messages: 5,618 Location: Mar 19, 2018 #14. Gran Turismo Sport Product Info. Sign up Forgot password? 0. kudosprime stats for GT Sport - update time? GT Sport GT6 GT5 F. Horizon 2 Forza 5 F. Horizon Forza 4 Forza 3 NfS GTA V Checkable Map. News News List. 73.43 (+0.34) Times. Sport Mode . Messages: 735 Location: Jan 14, 2018 #127. Close. Change the number in the URl to the one you found on the Gran Turismo Sport page GT Sport how to track your driver and sportsmanship rating progress (SR/DR). View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the granturismo community. 0. The best from your images. Follow me on Twitch: think it's time to work on my driver rating! XtremePhoto likes this. Type in your PSN on the GT Sport section of kudosprime dot com to see what your sportsmanship is then look up the race ranges. GT Sport: andhikamd Stats. This video guide will show you how to find how how close you are to progressing. report; 3. 100% Upvoted. GT Sport ( submitted 5 months ago by Ohiofuzz5-0 to r/granturismo. I created a second profile so I could drink and drive. News News List. Messages: 2,385 Location: Apr 8, 2018 #1. report. Last actions on K' for Gran Turismo Sport. Items Contact. Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Highlandor, Apr 8, 2018. 708. hide. Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by PJTierney, ... As far as i'm concerned, knowing how it works, the GT Sport Rank system is well designed. 71.31 (+0.38) Times. Sportmanship (SR) 79/99 Graph Details. No, the game is still quite active. welcome to my gt sport secret keyboard controls video featuring gr.3 battle at nurburgring gp taken from top split sport mode daily race. So I tried to create a Kudosprime account to better see my stats, but it is showing that I don't play/own GT Sport?? Sport Mode. According to racing game stats site KudosPrime, we’re doing so in droves. The Gran Turismo Sport section on (formerly is now online. Entering lots of daily races Want to send me a tip? - A Statistics section. GTS Discussion. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. GT Sport: Badd__GT Stats. no comments yet. For those too lazy to click the link, here is the most important part. Welcome to the Gran Turismo Sport Online Manual, which contains game controls and other information on how to play the game. In GT Sport Stats you can find the info of all the circuits and cars present in the game. GT Sport 24h straight is Ps4 torture, high prize for platinum trophy. Still, if the game is any reflection of a wider picture it’s little wonder that Sony and Microsoft are making moves to reduce the impact the large increase in network traffic on the online gaming experience. Kudosprime. Gran Turismo Sport | PlayStation® Hits. 3. 1. Check out Fiedy15's Game Stats, Life Log, Achievements and Gallery from the gt sport stats Browse your Gran Turismo Sport driver statistics, race results, best lap time and more. Go to this page on Kudosprime. Post your garage collection … kudosprime. Come here for news, discussion, speculation, and help. share. Game may be old enough where they don’t matter anymore though. It consist of: - An interactive visual car database, with ordering and filtering options, and individual car pages. Wins 57 (57*) | Daily: 40 / FIA: 17. kudosprime. Speed Score. Messages: 320. Kudosprime. Already put my PSN ID where it's supposed to go yet I can't seem to find any difference KepleroGT. GT Sport isn’t the only game experiencing an uptick in player numbers, as we’re all picking up gaming again to pass the time. Kudosprime: 83% of GTS players have never used Sport mode. GT Sport - Brabbelkiste; Wenn dies dein erster Besuch hier ist, lies bitte zuerst die Hilfe ... Gran Turismo Sport | einfach die ID reintackern und du siehst deine Statistik etwas aussagekräftiger. PirovacBoy. Terms of Service; Privacy Policy © 2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. The new "Spec II" edition - including most of the free Game Updates and added bonus content - is also available now, making this the most complete version! 6 comments; share; save; hide. Link to post Share on other sites. Last actions on K' for Gran Turismo Sport . 5. I was browsing GTPlanet this morning and found this post showing how to access your DR/SR to see how you have progressed. Whether you’re new to GT Sport or you’ve been playing it a while, you’ll likely be aware of the Driver Rating (DR) system.. It’s a scoring system the game uses to rank drivers according to ability. Participate in the "Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event Before May 23 and Receive In-game Credits! I was very … Participate Before 23 May and Receive In-game Credits! GT SPORT Community. Last edited: Jan 13, 2018. Communauté | Gran Turismo Sport - ... Accédez à At just under 12 minutes per race for 8250 xp (with clean race bonus) That was nearly 43 hours of driving in circles. GT SPORT Community. Share this post . As @zero7uk_ mentioned, git gud. barra333 64 Premium Member; … share. The table below is sorted from strongest car to weakest based on its total … Posted by 5 days ago. Archived. Over the past two weeks, more than 140,000 players a week have been getting into GT Sport‘s flagship Sport Mode feature. Sportmanship (SR) 99/99 Graph Details. best. Last actions on Highlandor. Tom. Click on a section title on the left-hand side of the page to display a list of pages in that section. Posted by 6 months ago. You can see all your GTS-stats like the exact DR and SR points. It seems unlikely that GT Sport is operating at nearly a 1:1 sales/players ratio, even if Gamstat’s trophy-based numbers aren’t completely accurate. Races 268 | Finished: 240 (240*) Performances 48,208 (Top 1%) Graph Details. save. Image of … Originally released in October 2017, "Gran Turismo Sport" now joins the wallet-friendly PlayStation® Hits range. connect Login Password. Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Igcd But once more, GT Sport is on the lower end of 300 cars (336, per Kudosprime). Your DR/SR progress tracker (provided by Kudosprime). 86% Upvoted. Be the first to share what you think!

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